Unchurched. The real scoop.

Why one very churched brother was to have quit the Christian church.

Here is the real scoop as to why one very churched Christian brother was to have quit the Christian church. In a few words, because of what he would have learned over the years and gotten to know. Here is the story.

Like most other people, he did get into it based on something quite the opposite, based on what he had believed. Or was led to, You know, believe. For faith, they say, cometh by hearing and... well, you know the rest of it, right? Or, for by faith are ye saved and that not of works lest any man should boast. So, believe he did. Until he didn't believe anymore, those things which he was hearing. It didn't happen overnight though, he was there very involved, active, and engaged.

And then, based on what he was seeing and, yes hearing too, and reading and all of the rest, the doubt factors started to set in. And then that healthy dose of doubt became the gift of outright rejection. Rejection and freedom from all of that which has since become outright nonsense to him. Guess he's a fool now, yes that type of a fool even, and a much bigger one than they all had always known that he was. You know, for fools make a mock of sin and other such things? Plunged him squarely Into those realms I suppose. Right?

But the catalyst came about when he would have gone and done something which he thought was rather simple and natural. He wrote a book, “the book” as it is now known. He wrote a book while he was yet a very active member there among them, a group of people who does absolutely nothing other than nothing. As he was to have observed over time and would have tried hard at discussing it with them in an effort at getting them to change some things for the better. At least as far as better was to be seen through his eyes.

He would have done so for years. For many years he would have been trying but without success. No one was listening. So, he was to have begun to think and to be wondering about some things. So, tell me now, someone wrote a book and the church found an issue with that, found it fitting to suspend such a one, such a brother, a very active and by all other accounts and indications, an upstanding brother among them, those very people who never do anything other than nothing, never have anything to tell anyone, other than, “no, and wait,” especially the young ones among them, all they ever have to tell them is “no,” and “wait.”

Wait upon the Lord they say, while the young ones sit there and become old, and rot, and waste away, and die, and go to heaven, yeah. And then one rose up and started telling them to do something with their lives, and then he would have gone out and done something himself if only to show that it can be done. And the leadership’s positions on this was to suspend and ridicule the brother, put him to sit down in a corner, the most despised position for anyone in that group to find him or herself in, if you have ever been in the church long enough, you would have come to know that to be put to sit in the back is the mother of all punishments.

You may choose to sit there if you like, but you must not be sent to sit there, no, don’t do that to a churched person, stopping him/her from giving his free services to them for a time and season they say, until he is put firmly in his proper place, probably, until they say it's okay to return, to do more of the same, you know what, more of the serving, giving free services, giving of free services to them, because, that is what is going to get you there, you know, into heaven, the one and only thing that matter any,  in this and in the other life.

And one might have been right in asking, what kind of people does that? Stop someone from giving his free services to them for a time and season, until they say it's okay to return to more of the giving of free services to them, perhaps. But, what kind of people does things like that? And for what? Because of a word that was written in a book? A fictional storybook? Well, to be fair to them, it was that word. Yes, the f-word – but. But. And here is where the big “but” is to be quick in coming in. That word is actually a real word, realer than some of... oh, never mind, leave that part “as is.” The word is real, though, and it was used in proper context in the work too.

But let's say it wasn't. Or that he might have overdone it a bit, just for argument’s sake, we will give them that, after all, we already know where them and their institution stands on some established norms of moral purity and such. But then, they who likes so much to beat up on Moses for slapping Jesus “the rock,” when he should only have spoken. How is it that they themselves would have gone and done in like manner, or worse? There was nothing there that could not be fixed, well, if the motivating factors were to guide and steer a brother on the right track that is. But it was to have appeared to some as if the motivating factors were more focused on painting a picture. A façade, of things being the way how they never were. That, rather than to correct and guide. As a matter of fact,

if you should go and purchase a copy of the said book now, please, go, go buy a copy today, it is still there on Amazon, under the same name, “How to train a wild puppy dog named, Manley.” Yes, that part hasn’t changed any. So, go, will you! And then, you'll get to see that, those words which had offended them so badly, are not there anymore, at least not in the same format, and the message has not changed from the original any. But the damage has already been done. By what they did or did not do. But. What if they were set up? What if they were thrown a baited hook and they promptly swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker? Hmm. Yeah! Somebody was to be sitting there and humming.

The Bible did say something to the effect that. I would rather you be hot or cold than to be lukewarm. And would have ascribed these sayings to the Lord. As for me, I can surely identify with that.

Now here is how someone from among them was to have said that he should have said it. Given the same context, of course. “No,” not my counselor nor my physician. Just justified Janie-o. From over by Benbow. She thinks I should have said. “Are you still having sexual intercourse with mira?” Well, now you all are fully in the loop as to what the source of their issues with the book was.  Here is the context though. The book is called... “How to train a wild puppy dog named, Manley.” Born out of the Author having heard it said one time too many that “all men are dogs.”

So, there, Manley, in the story, is a real dirty doggish type of a man. Who was out active and busy doing what Manley “types of men” does. Doing women. And undoing their equilibrium. Mrs. Kentise had gotten to the point where she felt as if she was being done in, again, by Mister man. The Manley man. Hence, her late night to early morning wakeup call home to Manley. Now, given the whole settings as you now have it before you, what do you think this, or any other woman’s reaction should and would be? Well.  She most definitely wasn't going to be saying no “are you still having sexual intercourse with mira?” Nothing.  No one says things like that in such situations. Well, not real people while yet living in the real world as we have come to know it. And if God, yes, your god even, if she was to be at the other end of the line, or somewhere nearby and eavesdropping on the conversation. And was to be hearing something like that “are you still having intercourse” nonsense coming from her, he would have been likely to puke.

He would have been likely to spew you out. The book of luke seem to be the only one left in some churches today, in the form of “lukewarm,” and it too is in the pews busily warning benches, hence she, god is spewing out somebody new every day, but what the hell do I know, hey, yes you there, that's a word too, one which you are very familiar with and which many among you uses a lot, yeah, I knew you were going to use it right there too. Just now. But. What would Saul be likely to say in today's common language and vernacular terms? You know, when he had was to say what he said to his son. Say it with me, come on, say it, it is not going to kill you. your tongue isn't going to fall out of your mouth nor cleave to the upper jaw and the roof of your head. Say it. “You wayward son of a bitch.” There it is, that wasn’t so hard after all. Now, shout “Hallelujah” because-woman, thou art loose. But really now. These are the things which real people do and say, no, and if there is a God, I have a feeling that these are the types of people who will make her heart dance too, and who she will want to call a friend and fight for and defend.

As seen in 1st Sam. 20: 30. That son of the rebellious woman he was to be speaking to, would have been a son of a bitch today, probably. But. then again, what do I know? Be sure to join us on the podcast for some great original stories such as these. Thank you.

That’s it for today, my friends, There are lot’s more to this story so be sure to join us here again soon, and tell a friend about this, or a foe, we can use him too, until then, I am E K the Writingelk, and I am out.