Another poem of the times. Ain’t even sheet.

Ain’t even sheet. The friend-ship poem. a piece of poetry for you today.

Ain’t even sheet. The friend-ship poem.

So, is that the way how you happen to seet.

That my family and I ain't even sheet?

Just because we haven't arrived on the money street, yet?

While you were there busily lifting loads of multicolored discrete,

Off of the other folks' bundle of joy,

And sorrows too, pick-a-booboo.

Joy was laughing laughter, while crying too,

Shedding tears of yet more joy, and bouncing baby boy,

And girls, and dancing ballerina shoe, who do you?

And that was just because you had happened to discover,

That my family and I, haven’t yet crossed over.

Over the bridges and turnstiles, turn the corners,

There where Wall Street’s big shots money garner.

Was to show you that, my family and I ain't even squat.

Because, we haven't yet got, like,

Got it all backed up, to the loading dock,

In trucks and backhoes, backed up with all that

Dow, ray, mi, fa, so. Yet.

Like you'd thought and afterthoughts long, long ago,

When you had set out to become and became, a friend,

To me and to my children, but then again.

Your plans were thwarted, when the doe which you had wanted,

were not to be forthcoming, coming, coming,

And the friend ship began a-doning, downing, doning, downing, done.

E. Lloyd Kelly. (the poet.) 22/10/2018